What is Decree349R ?


Decree349R is a non profit organization that was created to counter the damaging effects that Decree 349 has brought upon the flourishing art community of Cuba. Along with the two of the most influential founders of San Isidro Movement, Amaury Pacheco, Luis Eligio Perez, (with the support of Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara and Maykel Osorbo Castillo,) and digital artist Vince Peters, Elis Pacheco, David Selig, and Cathy Marmol, Decree349R was born.      

Our Mission

Our mission is to create collaborative art, curate exciting and new art pieces and showcase them to the world. Along with Luis Perez and Amaury Pacheco, Decree 349R we will also create live performance expos in various cities around the world, showcasing the emerging and legendary talent that has been censored by the government of Cuba. With the proceeds raised from art, ticket sales, and donations, Decree 349R will pay Repreparations back to that impacted community of artists. Another one of our goals is to assemble a team of legal scholars and appeal the verdicts that were rendered for Luis Manuel  (5 years) and Maykel Castillo (9 Years). Not being afforded proper counsel in a one sided banana republic court system, the outcome was incredulous and lacked proper justification for the said offenses.  

Vincent Peters - inheritance art

Elis Pacheco - BOARD MEMBER

BRAD Dorin


David Selig - Board Member

Luis "Eligio" Perez - Board Member